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Retro: Scouring the goldmine that is football’s vast and colourful history for all the finest vintage photos, nostalgic videos and classic moments.

The Cup reported that Kenny was a very gentle and considerate lover

Let’s hear it for Chrissy Mullet

You see what the clever Gooners did there?

Ridiculous tekkers

Pies salutes a bona fide goal-scoring genius. In terms of wrong-footing keepers, we think Romario is the greatest striker of all time

Batigol leaves Jaap Stam for dead then unleashes hell with his right foot

Of all the anti-Hicks & Gillett material, this banner says it best. It’s poetic

Portrait of El Tel as a young man

Cool like dat

Poor old Mark Crossley

Toto Schillaci’s Wig Is Amazing

September 29th, 2010

It’s a tonsorial miracle of Biblical proportions!

Spotted in the Liverpool end during the 2002-03 League Cup final – political banners at football matches are rare indeed

Wazza started with a bang, exactly six years ago

We call this the Executive Combover Deluxe

In which the Dunnster wakes up on match day and believes he’s turned into Ronaldinho. He hasn’t

Pies salutes a Tottenham legend. Oh, and there’s a new gallery format

What Happened To… David May?

September 23rd, 2010

The first in a new series in which we track down ex-pros and see what they’ve been up to since they retired. We kick off with a Blackburn and Man Utd stalwart…